Envejecimiento y Desarrollo en America Latina y el Caribe
Escuela de Ciencias del Envejecimiento - Cursos
Defendamos el derecho a la pensión alimentaria de las personas adultas mayores
La Vejez en Tiempo de Modernidad Líquida: incertidumbres y el temor al envejecimiento
Molecular Basis of Aging and Disease, 09-13 Septiembre
Family Life in the Age of Migration and Mobility, 16-20 Septiembre

Cursos y Congresos

V Congreso de la Asociacion Portuguesa de Antropologia
Congreso ALACIP 2012 - Salud Global y Asuntos Internacionales
II Congreso Nacional de Antropologia Social y Etnologia
I Congreso Latinoamericano de Gerontologia Comunitaria


Segunda Reunion Latinoamerican Research Network of Ageing LARNA 2010
Third International Conference LARNA and Network Meeting
Cuarta Conferencia Internacional LARNA y Reunion de Trabajo

Otros Eventos

Presentación del libro de la Dra. Josefina Pantoja
Conversacion con la Dra. Veronica Montes de Oca

Material de Divulgación

Declaracion Asociacion Latinoamericana de Medicina Social (ALAMES)
Articulos Interesantes del Dr. Feliciano Villar
Los Derechos de las Personas Mayores
Foro Internacional Sobre los Derechos de las Personas Mayores
Tercera Conferencia Regional Intergubernamental Costa Rica 2012

Calendar of Events

SECOND HALF OF LIFE: "Becoming an Elder: Re-Imagining the Second Half of Life" (Oct. 2-3, 2009, Laurel, MD). Philosophy Prof. John Sullivan presents a lecture (Friday, 7-9 PM) and then an all-day Saturday workshop with group exercises promoting later life-creativity. sponsored by the Tai Sophia Institute, 7750 Montpelier Road, Laurel, Md. For more information, call (410)888-9048, ext.6611 or email

CREATIVITY: "Creativity and Aging" (Oct. 5, 2009). 1- 2:30 PM (Eastern Daylight Time). Second in a Series of Five Webinars with Gene Cohen, sponsored by the National Center on Creative Aging. Other webinars are scheduled for Oct. 19, Oct. 27 and Nov. 16, 2009. For details, visit:

SENIOR THEATRE. "Acting for Life: Senior Theatre Conference and Workshop." (Oct. 8-10, 2009, Minneapolis, MN). Three days of learning and inspiration, Sponsored by Minnesota Creative Arts and Aging Network, including a half-day workshop at the Guthrie Theater. Bonnie Vorenberg, Keynote Speaker. MnCAAN 7152 Unity Avenue North Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. For details, visit:

MORTALITY: "The Liberation of Facing One?s Own Mortality" (Oct. 14, 2009, Seattle, WA). Workshop focusing on human finitude and its emancipatory potential. Part of the Conscious Aging Workshop Series, offered by Elderwise at 1820 E Pine St, Suite 201, Seattle WA 98122. Facilitated by Sandy Sabersky, Director of Elderwise and Certified Sage-ing Leader. For details call (206) 325-0471.

TRANSITIONS: "The Inner Work of Transition" (Oct. 14, 2009, Washington, DC). First in a series of six two-hour evening sessions, sponsored by The Transition Network. Facilitated by Barbara Beizer, Organizational Development Consultant. All sessions are held in Northwest DC area. For details on attending, RSVP to:

AGING WITH PASSION AND PURPOSE Conference (Oct. 18-19, 2009, Omaha, Nebraska). Spiritual and social dimensions of aging and caregiving is the theme of this year's conference, aimed at elders, families, professionals, and researchers. Lisa P. Gwyther is Keynote Speaker. University of Nebrasksa at Omaha, Milo Bail Student Center, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, Nebraska. For details visit:

CRONES: "Crones Counsel: Celebrating Wise Women" (Oct. 21-25, 2009, Atlanta, GA). "A Crone is a woman burnished bright by an inner fire that sharpens both her wit and her intensity, her passion and her power." For details about this annual event, visit:

DEATH AND DYING: "Peaceful Passages: Making Death a Part of Life" (Oct. 23-25, 2009, Orlando, FL). Sponsored by the Sage-ing Guild and held in Altamont Springs, near Orlando. Psycho-spiritual tools to meet the needs and interventions of people who are dying, family members, spiritual caregivers, Sage-ing Leaders, hospice volunteers, and healthcare and social service professionals. For more information, call (250) 389-1448 or email Nancy Gray-Hemstock at: or Mike Hughes at:

SAGE-ING: "From Age-ing to Sage-ing" (Oct. 24-25, 2009, Toronto, Canada). A two-day workshop to empower a community of Sage-ing leaders who reflect the values of care, respect and responsibility among the elders. 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Ryerson University, Toronto. Topics include inner wisdom, legacy to future generations, life-review, and developing a vision of oneself as an elder. Workshop leaders are all certified Sage-ing Leaders. For more information, contact Alice Belling (416-259-4903) or Trudy Medcalf (519-941-6093) For other details, visit:

SPIRITUAL VITALITY. (Oct. 26-28, 2009, Elberon, NJ). Two courses sponsored by Stella Maris Retreat Center and the Johnson Institute for Spiritual Gerontology and Maturing Adult Faith Formation: Course 102 (Oct. 26-28): "12 Keys of Spiritual Vitality" and Course 108 (Oct. 28-30): "Five Chronic Problem Personalities of the Later Years and How to Most Effectively and Lovingly Deal with Them." For details on enrollment, visit:

ETHICS AND AGING: "The Graying of America: Challenges and Controversies," (Oct. 30-31, 2009, Charleston, SC). Conference sponsored by the Institute for Human Values in Health Care, include sessions on health care rationing, racial disparities, physician-assisted suicide, and caring for persons with advanced dementia. Speakers include Daniel Callahan, William Hazzard, William May, Muriel Gillick, Yale Kamisar, Timothy Quill, and others. For details, visit:

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Jules Renard
La vejez existe cuando se empieza a decir: Nunca me he sentido tan joven
Ebner Eschenbach
En la juventud aprendemos, en la vejez entendemos
Jean-Louis Barrault
La edad madura es aquella en la que todavía se es joven, pero con mucho más esfuerzo
Pitágoras de Samos
Una bella vejez es, ordinariamente, la recompensa de una bella vida